How to Generate Leads With Effective Landing Pages

If you want to generate leads on your site, you need effective landing pages – and lots of them. Landing pages are website pages with a specific call to action (CTA) that offers the user something in return for the user’s information — ex. the visitor enters their email to get a 15% off coupon code. Rather than taking users to the site’s homepage, landing pages are designed to target specific audiences and directly answer their needs.

More landing pages means more leads: increasing the total number of landing pages from 10 to 15 leads to a 55% increase in new lead generation. Creating distinct and customized landing pages converts site visitors into leads, improves your site and ad ranking, and bolsters your entire digital marketing strategy.

Landing Pages Meet Customers Where They Are

The beauty of landing pages is that they are designed to address a customer’s needs directly and efficiently – and the more unique landing pages you have, the more unique needs you can address. The key to conversions is to remove all obstacles (or “friction”) for the user. By creating distinct, effective landing pages for different search terms and different stages of the sales funnel, you meet your customers exactly where they are.

Let’s say you’re an interior decorator running an ad campaign for a free design consultation. If a user clicks on that ad and is taken to your home page, they’re likely to leave the site quickly – after all, where is the consultation they were offered? If the ad goes to a custom landing page with a sign-up form for the consultation–meeting the user’s exact need–then they are far more likely to follow through and provide their information.

Customized Landing Pages Boost Your Search Engine Presence

Having a variety of specific, quality landing pages improves your search engine ranking in two ways. First, more pages in general means more pages for the search engine to index, and landing pages designed around specific keywords are more likely to rank higher. Secondly, creating landing pages that directly correspond to your paid ad campaigns (in both copy and design) will raise those ads’ quality score and improve their visibility in search results.

Clear and Concise Landing Pages Streamline Lead Capture

Each landing page should have a distinct goal: to get signups for a webinar, encourage a free software trial, get subscribers for your email newsletter, download a free ebook, etc. The most effective landing pages contain the bare minimum of information needed to convince customers to convert, including:

  • A powerful and descriptive headline
  • Concise copy, including a value proposition
  • Trust factors (testimonials, previous clients, etc.)
  • A short lead-capture form
  • A compelling call to action
  • One related, high-quality image
  • And nothing else

By creating minimalist landing pages with only the necessary information a customer needs to make their decision, you remove friction and significantly increase the chances of conversion.

Effective Landing Pages Promote Your Latest Marketing Opportunities

You might be offering the most enticing discount or most useful free resource around, but if no one knows how to get it, who cares? Alternatively, if you have terrific resources and are giving them without getting any customer information in return, then you are missing out on the single most effective lead generation strategy.

Consistently adding new landing pages is the best way to promote new marketing opportunities, whether that’s an upcoming webinar, an upcoming or current sale, or a new product or service. Whatever your latest marketing opportunity is, an effective landing page will get that information out to the users who can most benefit from it. 

More Landing Pages = More Marketing Data to Learn From

Each unique landing page is a terrific opportunity to test your marketing strategies in real time. Because each page is dedicated to one specific offer and goal, you can easily see which offers are converting well, and with whom. Landing pages also lend themselves well to A/B testing, where you change one variable (ex. the headline, or image, or CTA language) to see which performs better. The more landing pages you have, the more data you have available to analyze and see what’s most effectively reaching your customers.

Landing pages are easily one of the most effective lead-generation tools, and yet many businesses overlook them. Don’t leave valuable leads on the table: contact us for a free consultation on creating an effective landing page strategy for your business.