How hiring a quality SEO copywriter can save you time and money

Whether you’re building a new website or looking to drive traffic to your current site, you’ll benefit from using a professional copywriting service. Effectively creating and marketing a website requires a lot of highly specialized text, and good copy can make or break a company’s online presence. Unless you already have an extremely skilled and versatile website copywriter on staff, hiring a quality writer through a professional copywriting service is the best way to drive traffic and maximize conversions on your site, while saving you, the business owner, time and money.

Why SEO Copywriting Is Important

From branding and messaging to content creation and marketing, copywriting is the unsung hero of website development. Consistently adding new content will:

  • Engage your customers with useful information
  • Grow your audience through organic search traffic and social media shares
  • Boost your SEO ranking through continual indexing

Creating content is a no-brainer. The real question is: do you write it all, or hire someone else to do it? A quality website copywriter already has all the skills and know-how to grow your audience.

Great Copywriters Know How to Optimize for People and Machines

There are tons of articles debating the differences of SEO content writing (writing for search engine algorithms) vs. website copywriting (writing to convert sales). Is it more important to please Google, or please your reader?

We say, both!

Great copywriting should always be written to engage and retain an audience and be easily identifiable by search engine spiders. Truly effective content lies in the sweet spot between unreadable articles stuffed with keywords and compelling copy that no one ever sees. This means your copywriter must be proficient in and up to date on industry SEO standards, well-versed in audience trends, and a terrific writer!

Professional Copywriting Services Can Help You Hone Your Brand’s Voice

Pop quiz: what three words would you use to describe your company’s tone of voice?

Having trouble?

Knowing your brand’s voice in written text is just as important as designing a great logo or getting incredible marketing photos. All copy should have a point of view, whether it’s casual and irreverent, formal and academic, or anywhere in between. A professional copywriting service will have website writers experienced in writing with a variety of voices, and can help you pinpoint the right point of view for your company.

The Bottom Line: Saving Time = Saving Money

To sum up, a great SEO copywriter needs:

  • Excellent written communication skills to attract and engage readers
  • An in-depth and current knowledge of SEO best practices
  • Targeted research for keywords, competitors, and audience needs
  • The ability to identify and write in your brand’s voice
  • The capacity to quickly learn about a subject and turn it into compelling content

So, here’s where we get to the million-dollar questions:

Do you have all those skills?

If you do (good for you!), do you have time to implement them on a regular basis?

Your time is money. Even if you have the perfect combo of communication and SEO skills, that still doesn’t mean you need to be spending hours each week creating top-tier content. Collaborate with your copywriter on topics, set clearly defined metrics for success, and then focus on running your business. Or use that free time to mix a drink and catch up on your favorite TV show – we won’t judge.

When you’re ready to level up your content game, give us a call to discuss our professional SEO copywriting services.